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Bringing Flowers to the People

Good Fight Flowers is the cumulation of years of wishing and dreaming about building a livelihood around plants, of bringing flowers to the people, and making a living while doing it. GFF is run by Emily Wood and Connor Madden and is located in the far reaches of Madison County in the Shelton Laurel valley.

For years before settling in WNC, Emily worked as a mule packer out west, and spent hours in the saddle noting which flowers were blooming on the trail as a means of passing time. This love and dedication to flowers has only deepened, and in 2021 Good Fight Flowers was born.

We are a small farm with a big heart and big ideas. We are thrilled to offer cut flower starts, dahlia tubers and a large variety of cut flower stems in the spring and summer months. 

Emily Wood Good Fight Flowers Marshall NC


Good Fight Flowers was born out of a deep desire to grow. Grow our relationship with this land we live on. Grow plants. Grow relationships. Dig deeper into our human need to create and expand. We are passionate about cultivating relationships with flowers and community and the soil microbiome. We believe that flowers are a connection to spirit and see gardens as houses of worship.  

We believe you don’t have to have a green thumb or deep pockets to enjoy the bounty and beauty that flowers provide. By offering build-your-own-bouquets at our farmers market booth, selling flowers by the bucket, and offering you-pick options, we are not only providing folks with gorgeous blooms, but helping to foster a creative connection with the plants. A driving force behind offering cut flower starts in the spring is wanting to make flowers accessible to anyone who has a sunny patch, or a few containers, so they can live with the beauty and magic of these plants everyday.

Talk to us about your wedding flower needs or everyday occasion flowers.



All of our flowers are started from seed in our wood fired greenhouse and field grown by us.


Spring: Peonies, Tulips, Narcissus, Iceland Poppies, Bachelor Buttons, Feverfew Foxglove, Campanula, Calendula, Larkspur, Snapdragons, and more


      Summer: Cosmos, Zinnias, Lisianthus,

Sunflowers, Celosia, Amaranth, Strawflower,

Globe Amaranth and Dahlias, to name a few 

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