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  • Your florals will be available to pick up on the farm the day before your event. I recommend you get your flowers no more than two days before your event date.

  • Please indicate your pick up date and time in the notes section of your order. Delivery is available on a case by case basis, and can not always be accommodated. 

  • Flowers take up A LOT of room! Please arrive for pickup in a vehicle that can accommodate your order. Bouquets will be in glass cylinder vases secured in cardboard boxes. Personal flowers will be in small boxes and will travel best in a cooler. Buckets will need to be secured in your vehicle with clever maneuvering on your part as they tend to tip on mountain roads!

Event Floral Pick-Up

  • Check out our Floral Care Guide for important information about how to handle your flowers upon pick up.  We will send the guide with you and your order as well!

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