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These buckets are an excellent, economical option for folks wanting to arrange thier own flowers for weddings, events, or just for fun!  Each bucket will contain 60-75 stems of the freshest possible focal flowers, filler flowers and foliage from our fields, harvested to order and kept in our floral cooler until pick up.


We offer "Farmer's Choice" buckets which are filled with the best flowers in our field at the time, ensuring you get the freshest, local flowers possible. We decide what comes in the bucket but we do create color combinations we find cohesive.


The number of stems in the bucket is determined by the size and value of the flowers in the field. For larger flowers, such as dahlias and sunflowers, you can expect closer to 50 stems. In the peak of the summer when the fields are in full flush with airy stems, you can expect closer to 75 stems in a bucket.


You will recieve a mix of focal flowers, filler flowers, and foliage, and while we cannot say for sure how many arrangements one bucket will make, as everyone's style is different,  4-5 quart sized mason jars per bucket is a good estimate.


In spring to early summer you may see Tulips, fragrant heirloom Narcissus, fancy Alliums, Ranunculus, Anemones, Peonies Iceland Poppies, Larkspur, Foxglove, Orlaya, Snapdragons, Feverfew, Dianthus, Sunflowers, Campanula and more.


In summer to early autumn you may see Dahlias, Zinnias, Celosia, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Strawflowers, Statice, Cosmos, Amaranth, Gomprena, Ornamental Grasses and so much more!


Wholesale Bulk Bucket

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