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We offer Floral pick-up at the Farm weekly for wholesale customers - typically we do these on Wednesdays, but let us know if you need a different day.


Please provide your own buckets or have clean buckets to trade out.


All flowers will come fully hydrated and wrapped in paper sleeves. Flowers are sold by the 10 stem bunch, with the exception of peonies, dinner plate dahlias and sunflowers, which come in a 5 stem bunch.

Wholesale Floral Pick-Up

  • Located 1 hour from Asheville and about 50 min from Johnson City

    7654 NC 212 Hwy, Marshall NC 28753

  • Incase of questions or if you are running behind, please call or text me at 803-414-7606.


    If you have questions about your order, please email me at

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